I am an adventurer and photographer who loves old cars, motorcycles and travel.  My project the Bunny teeth movement allows me to bring my favorite things together and create a life long  journey.

Photography is a great trigger for me.  A picture  allows me to go back to a time and place-feelings, smells and impressions are brought back into the present.  Whether it is hanging out with my great friends Manami and Urasaki at TK6 in Sapporo, Japan or spending time with new friends exploring cities and places, photography makes a great visual biography of my life.

Traveling  the world taking pictures and meeting people has become a passion for me.  I’m lucky that I have found a way to accomplish my passion and hopefully make the world smile just a little bit more.  If you see Lucy and I,  please stop us and say hello- We have some Bunny Teeth for you.

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