Day two. Leaving Gold Beach, Oregon.

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Day two started with a great breakfast with the Hanson family-Dale, Patty, Andrew and their dog Turbo. Andrew helped me tighten some loose bolts and get Lucy packed up for the rainy ride ahead.
We kept waiting for the weather to break but around noon it seemed like it was going to rain all day so off we went. The Oregon coast was very wet and windy and at times the wind really slowed down our progress.
By the time we arrived at the California border it was very wet and not a very pleasant day of riding.
We arrived at the Trees of Mystery after about five hours if wet cold and at times dangerous riding. I spoke with the shuttle driver who was able to suggest a camp ground about a mile down the road.
We pulled into the driveway at Mystic Forest RV Park and decided to setup camp for the night. The park had showers and a laundry room which is just what I needed after 5 hours of downpour.
After setting up the tent, I headed for the warm showers and laundry. It was still raining pretty hard so I spent the next couple of hours in the laundry room.
Around eight I headed back to the tent and climbed into my sleeping bag for the evening. It rained very hard all night and at some point the lower part of my sleeping bag got wet-it was water not pee. I guess you can’t expect a 25 dollar tent from Fred Meyer to keep out torrential rain. In the morning I headed back to the laundry room to dry out my sleeping bag. It was still raining pretty hard and I considered spending the rest of the day hoping it would be better tomorrow.




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