Lucy first view_233lucy hwy 58 overlookLucy is a 1975 Minsk motorcycle built in Belarus and imported into Vietnam.  I had been planning on a trip to SE Asia and through research learned that I should start in Vietnam and that a Minsk was the right choice for transportation.  I found an English Gentleman named Kevin who provides motorcycle for tourist and locals.  Kevin kept suggesting that I think about a Honda because Minsk are not known for great reliability and parts are becoming difficult to find.  Being stubborn and not wanting to ride a scooter I was insistent on having a Minsk and calling her Lucy.

Kevin has a Vietnamese mechanic who met us one day for breakfast and he rode Lucy.  Lucy was this horrible green color with a red star sticker on the tank and not exactly the paint scheme I was going for- After breakfast I took her for a ride, found some black spray paint and made her mine.

Riding around 4000 miles in Vietnam and Cambodia I have to say that a old Minsk that has been touched and reworked by a hundred different motorcycle mechanics was not the most reliable transportation but she has style.

Following four months in SE Asia I arranged shipping for Lucy to Boring, Oregon.  The boat took about a month and a half to arrive and she looked no worse for the wear ; even if my wallet did.

I have spent the last six months rebuilding and spend too much money creating a Minsk that should be reliable and safe to drive-never had turn signals, tail light or a bright headlight.  This rebuild included fixing cracks in frame, new rims-donated from a Hodaka, new engine, powder coating and an updated Germany ignition and charging system.  She seems to be better than new and hopefully will be much more reliable than she was in SE Asia.


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