Northern California

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Hwy 1, Northern, California
Hwy 1, Northern, California

At eleven the sky cleared and I decided that we needed to get back on the road.  About five miles south the sky turned blue and it looked like it might turn out to be a good day of riding.
Riding south I stopped in a town called Garberville which seemed to be inhabited by hippies and cloaked in the smell of marijuana.  We were about 25 mile from the Hwy 1 turnoff and I looked forward to getting over to the coast again.
At Leggit we took the exit for Hwy 1.  Leggit is home to one of several drive-thru trees.  Lucy and I stopped so we could get a picture and stretch my legs.
We continued down Hwy 1 which travels through the forest for twenty mile before arriving on the California coast.  The sun was getting low and the light was amazing.  We stopped for a couple of minutes and met a bike rider named Michael who was from Germany.  We talked about both of our trip and then I set off to find a place to camp for the evening.
We stopped at the Westport Beach KOA and setup camp for the evening.  Riva the woman at the front office gave me a discount on the tent site.  It was a much better evening than the night before.


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  • Hi Cliff, just wondering what the prognosis is on Lucy? Did you get it to the Harley guy in the Bay area? is she going to become a Suzuki 175? I’ll be watching for updates.
    PS. I want to send you a picture from the HU meet. but I don’t see any provision for that here. Let me know.

  • Mr. Danger,

    I hope all has been swell. I would love to hear some more of your stories.
    After we met in Slab City I bought a 71 R60/5 and have done some riding around America.

    I am now planning a ride around Japan, then over to China, and then Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Bangladesh and finishing in India.

    If you have any suggestions let me know.

    (You met me at Radio Mike’s)

    P.S. I still have your bunny teeth.