The Bunny Teeth Movement

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Lucy, Cliff and a box of Bunny Teeth- Traveling the world and spreading smiles one pair of teeth at a time.


I love a good road trip. Whether driving my 62 Chevy from Los Angeles to NYC or driving a Fiat Punto 2000 miles around Scotland. Exploration and the freedom of self transportation has become a very important part of my life


I found my newest transportation in Saigon, Vietnam on a humid December day. Lucy is a 1975 Minsk-built in Belarus- that took me on a great adventure throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. A previously owned Vietnamese Minsk motorcycle is neither luxurious, comfortable or reliable. That said Lucy took me on a great journey and I have grown very fond of her.


This fondness led me to spend a silly amount of money bringing Lucy back to the US and restoring her to what I can only assume is better than new condition. Everything has been welded up, replaced or rebuilt. She still isn’t a luxurious or comfortable ride, but I hope she is reliable.


Lucy and I are traveling around the United States taking pictures, handing out Bunny teeth and meeting wonderful-and sometimes grumpy strangers.


If you see us during our journey make sure you ask for your Bunny Teeth.




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