Starting the journey-for the second time.



The journey begins again.  After replacing the broken crank and reinstalling the engine, Lucy and I were ready for the trip to Mountain View, California.

We left Boring, OR at 10 am on Thursday, September 19th.  The goal was to make it Gold Beach, OR by nightfall-about 300miles.  On a motorcycle with a cruising speed of 50 miles per hour it was a very optimistic goal.  The farthest we had ridden in the past was around 200 miles in northern Vietnam.  It was going to be a long day but had to try to beat the storm that was predicted to arrive on Friday.

It was a nice ride.  The sky was blue, the temperature was perfect and Lucy was running great.  We arrived in Lincoln city- on the Oregon coast around 2pm and it was a really nice day at the beach.  I called my friends in Gold Beach to let them know that I was on my way.   Gold Beach was still 200 miles away and considering it took me 4 hour to get to Lincoln city, a daylight arrival seemed unlikely.

We continued down Hwy 101 with the occasional stop to stretch my legs and get some feeling back in my butt.  Lucy’s seat is not of the highest quality and even though I had her reupholstered in the Mekong Delta two hours is about my limit.  During one of our stops we met a fellow biker named Tim.  Tim was the inventor of a motorcycle trailer called the “Idaho Bed Roll.”  The bed roll is a lightweight trailer that expands providing the rider with a place to sleep and watch a little TV-has a battery and also includes an electric blanket.  Tim was a great guy and told me he hoped to manufacture the bed roll and use the proceeds to fund a trip to Ushuaia, Argentina.

About 10 miles north of Bandon I learned that the fuel tank reserve valve was not working.  Lucky for me I had good cell service and a AAA plus card.  It was 7:30, getting dark and I was still about 60 miles from my destination.  The AAA driver showed up around 8:30 and we were off again but unfortunately riding in the dark.  My headlight was pretty bright but the deer and elk crossing signs convinced me to ride very cautiously.

About 5 miles from Gold Beach, Johnny law decided to slow my progress a bit.  After making sure that I had my endorsement and that Lucy had insurance the kind police officers asked me why I was riding so slow.  After explaining that I was not interested in hitting wildlife they let me go and told me to be careful.  When I finally arrived at The Hanson’s house it was about 10:30 and I was glad to be done for the day.


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