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Lucy and I left for our Journey on September 7th 2013.  Starting in Boring,Or and headed towards the Oregon Coast and south on 101.


The day started out very nice-little traffic and not to warm.  Stopped in Oregon City to get some gas and realized that my fuel petcock was leaking.  I tightened it up and this seemed to resolve the leak.  Looking at Lucy I thought to myself that maybe I did a bit of over packing and figured I would end up sending things back to my moms house.

We continued down Hwy 99E to Salem and then Hwy 22 that would take us to Lincoln city and Hwy 101.  Once we crossed over I-5 the weather cleared up and it looked like it was going to be a great day for a ride.

About 20 miles outside of Salem Lucy started to slow and then just stopped running.  Plenty of gas but no spark.  I checked the wiring but everything looked good.  I pulled off the generator cover and found the problem-the end of the crank had snapped off.  I guess buying that new engine was not the best Idea.

I called my friend Mitch and he was able to drive down and pick us up.  It was a nice drive back and I was grateful that we were not farther away when the crank let loose.

Getting a new crank from Romania was going to take a couple weeks so I think that I will rebuild old engine and hit the road and install new crank when it arrives in California.


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